The gleaning Network

“Help fight hunger in Southern Oregon”


We are a group of people whom are dedicated to the preservation of humanity, our membership pledged to preserve the welfare of Southern Oregon’s hungry. Our cause is founded in the basics of human subsistence and the assurance of hope, maintaining the dignity and quality of life.

We are an all volunteer organization with around 650 volunteers
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  Visit our Thriftstore or donate to it.
We provide donations of food for over 210 families reaching over 2900 individuals Become a volunteer helper
We partner with numerous organizations to redistribute food to the hungry Would like to donate to us? Meet some of the organizations that help.


The Gleaning Network is a 549C Non-Profit organization

The Gleaning Network Inc.
700 South Front Street
P.O. Box 5214
Central Point, Oregon 97502
541-665-1500 Fax 541-664-5244


Who we partner with in distributing food.


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